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General Robot for Mooe-M8 Industry

Industry general-purpose robots: using SLAM laser navigation, compact size, flexible movement, (1.5/s, 60 narrow doors), simple layout scene and rapid deployment (30 minutes to complete deployment), support single-machine flat operating system and multi-machine scheduling system solutions, mainly used in intelligent manufacturing industry, light handling scene, man-machine mixed field work.

Product display from different angles

  1. Multi-Scene Universal: Intelligent Handling Robot, Autonomous Mobile, Trackless Navigation.
    Self-built scene map: It can avoid pedestrians or other dynamic obstacles independently and plan paths independently without manual interference.
    Autonomous human follower: automatic learning and recognition of human shape features, intelligent follower.
    Map Forbidden Zone Editing: Matching with map editing software, it can set and save the forbidden zone of robot running environment.
    Automatic Charging: When the electricity is low, the robot can find the position of the charging dock, and accurately dock. After charging, it can be put into use automatically.
    High security protection: The robot is equipped with high-speed laser, ultrasonic sensors and other sensors.
    Virtual Road Planning: The trajectory of the robot can be planned by drawing lines, so that the robot can move along the specified path.
    Multi-machine scheduling: The scheduling system can connect multiple robots to work together simultaneously.
    Flow chart programming: There are task module software that allows users to edit. Users can design the behavior of robots at will according to their own needs, and zero basic operation.
    Intelligent voice broadcasting: The robot can automatically broadcast voice content whenever it reaches a coordinate position, and users can customize and modify voice content freely.
Mooe Robot is a leading manufacturer in the field of intelligent handling robots. We are committed to developing easy-to-operate, flexible and safe robots to help users improve their work efficiency. Our mobile robots are a new generation of advanced mobile robots, which can help you get quick return on investment. The investment recovery cycle is usually less than one year. These uniquely designed intelligent robots are now being used in all walks of life to help automate internal transport. As pioneers in this field, our unique innovative robots have been rapidly applied worldwide.

Detailed explanation

_Man-machine interface system
Support point-to-point delivery of tasks, through touch screen operation, anywhere in the workspace to achieve pick-up and unloading tasks, and support voice broadcast system
_Following System
The robot can automatically follow the sorting to any position without manual driving the loading platform. After sorting, the robot can independently transport the goods to the designated position.

Product characteristics

Repeated handling tasks;
Multi-shift and 24-hour operation per day;
Transportation between batching warehouse, production line and finished product warehouse.
Improve productivity at reasonable cost
Reducing cost and improving production efficiency
Reducing artificial brain power, reducing manpower cost and reducing error rate
Realizing material handling and internal logistics automation
Low Maintenance Cost in Later Stage