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Mooe-W500 Shelf Handling Robot

Shelf handling robot: SLAM laser navigation, 1 cm industrial servo drive system (millimeter level control) repetitive positioning accuracy, support virtual track system, position point operation, IO programming expansion operation (16 in and 16 out, unlimited button call and server scheduling), and support non-standard power expansion (such as jacking, roller, conveyor belt, arm, etc.). With two-dimensional code navigation and SLAM independent navigation seamless switching, the carrying capacity is 500 KG.

Product display from different angles

  1. Multi-Scene Universal: Intelligent Handling Robot, Autonomous Mobile, Trackless Navigation.
  2. Self-built scene map: It can avoid pedestrians or other dynamic obstacles independently and plan paths independently without manual interference.
  3. Autonomous human follower: automatic learning and recognition of human shape features, intelligent follower.
  4. Map Forbidden Zone Editing: Matching with map editing software, it can set and save the forbidden zone of robot running environment.
  5. Automatic Charging: When the electricity is low, the robot can find the position of the charging dock, and accurately dock. After charging, it can be put into use automatically.
  6. High security protection: The robot is equipped with high-speed laser, ultrasonic sensors and other sensors.
  7. Virtual Road Planning: The trajectory of the robot can be planned by drawing lines, so that the robot can move along the specified path.
  8. Multi-machine scheduling: The scheduling system can connect multiple robots to work together simultaneously.
  9. Flow chart programming: There are task module software that allows users to edit. Users can design the behavior of robots at will according to their own needs, and zero basic operation.
  10. Intelligent voice broadcasting: The robot can automatically broadcast voice content whenever it reaches a coordinate position, and users can customize and modify voice content freely.

Mooe Robot is a leading manufacturer in the field of intelligent handling robots. We are committed to developing easy-to-operate, flexible and safe robots to help users improve their work efficiency. Our mobile robots are a new generation of advanced mobile robots, which can help you get quick return on investment. The investment recovery cycle is usually less than one year. These uniquely designed intelligent robots are now being used in all walks of life to help automate internal transport. As pioneers in this field, our unique innovative robots have been rapidly applied worldwide.

Detailed explanation

Self-learning Scene Map
No ground modification is required
Standard Product Scheme
Leading SLAM laser navigation technology, reliable mobile robot, 1.5m/s, 60cm narrow gate
Automatic detection of obstacles to ensure the safety of goods, robots and workers

Product characteristics

Customer name: Schindler Elevator
Industry: Manufacturing industry
Time: November 2019
Location: Shanghai
Case description:
Traditional manual sorting has low efficiency, high error rate, messy private rooms, and time-consuming sorting.
1) The factory area of the project is more than 1000 square meters, and a W500 shelf handling robot is put into use, which shuttles between two workshops;
2) Man-machine interaction, machine and man combined.


Customer name: Foxconn
Industry: 3C Electronics
Time: December 2018
Location: Kunshan
Case description:
1) The project has a total of 19 production lines and two large warehouses, and one W500 shelf handling robot has been put into use;
2) Man-machine interaction, machine and man combined.