Ants are the United animals in the world. Though very small, they can create the power to shock others through teamwork. This spirit is the same as that of the wooden ant robot team.
The wooden ant team always sticks to its original intention, unites and strives to make the enterprise bigger and stronger, and enjoys worldwide reputation.

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Located in Zhangjiang High-tech Park, Shanghai Muant Robot Technology Co., Ltd. focuses on the development, design, production and sales of unmanned handling robots and their application schemes to build unmanned handling robots in the intelligent manufacturing industry.
The core members of wood ants are the research and development team of algorithms and products of autonomous positioning and navigation robots in China. They have ten years of product experience. They have successfully developed the visual navigation project of lunar rover in the Eighth Aviation Institute, military explosion-disposal robots, modular industrial arms and other frontier scientific and technological products, and won the RoboCup RoboCup Robot Football World Cup championship in China. With the accumulation of more than ten years in the field of robotics, wood ant robots have formed technical barriers in autonomous navigation, high-precision map building, multi-sensor fusion, human-computer interaction, multi-robot scheduling, industrial-level closed-loop application schemes, etc. With the product characteristics of high flexibility and high-precision end positioning, they currently have a large number of successful application cases of material transportation in 3C electronic industry at home and abroad.
Mooe Robot is a leading manufacturer in the field of intelligent handling robots. It is committed to developing easy-to-operate, flexible and safe robots to help users improve their work efficiency. Mooe Robot has developed rapidly. From its headquarters in Shanghai, its products have been put into use on the spot in Germany, Singapore, Hong Kong and other developed regions around the world. It has established a global dealer cooperation network. In addition, we are promoting Mooe Robot's robotic products to customers all over the world.

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