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SLAM navigation

SLAM (simultaneous localization and mapping) means synchronous localization and mapping, which means that in an unknown environment, the robot carries on its own internal sensors (encoders, IMUs, etc.) and external sensors (laser sensors or vision sensors). Positioning, and on the basis of positioning, use the environmental information obtained by external sensors to incrementally construct an environmental map.

Fine composition technology builds high-precision, centimeter-level maps with ultra-high resolution. At the same time, the constructed map is regular, detailed, and directly used, which further improves the accuracy of positioning

High-precision positioning

The depth camera cooperates with the laser to obtain the surrounding environment information through the sensor mounted on the body. Just like a person’s five sense organs, obtain the surrounding information to achieve high-security obstacle avoidance

Autonomous obstacle avoidance

Embodies the value

Laser SLAM is currently the most stable and mainstream positioning and navigation method. Mainly used in robots, drones, unmanned driving, AR, VR and other fields. Its uses include the positioning of the sensor itself, as well as subsequent path planning, motion performance, and scene understanding