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Cluster scheduling

The brain of multi-robot collaboration is responsible for robot scheduling, task allocation and traffic control, so that robots can share resources when they collaborate, without affecting each other.
The system adopts multi-threaded control, and each serial port and user interface are independent threads, ensuring the continuous stability of communication and the smoothness of the user interface.
According to actual needs, automatic car body calling and task allocation are realized at each transportation point, and intelligent dispatching is realized. When there is an abnormal situation in the car body, finally
The terminal dispatching system automatically prompts the abnormal car body number and tracks the car body's trajectory to realize intelligent and safe operations.

The world's first large-scale SLAM set with 100 units
Group dispatch control system scheme. Reduce the brain power of workers and reduce the error rate. The system will dock with the user MES/WMS. After the task is issued, the system will dispatch and allocate all robot resources.

Multi-machine scheduling

The system is equipped with a virtual track and multi-robot coordinated control, which can realize simultaneous and efficient operation and road sharing

Traffic control