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Cloud Control System

Cloud control includes cloud control of intelligent unmanned forklifts, cloud monitoring, etc. Among them, the cloud-controlled intelligent unmanned forklift is equipped with cloud technology to realize remote control, and any PC can be used to control any data on the intelligent unmanned forklift terminal through the cloud, freely retrieve the information you need, or use another mobile phone Log in to the cloud server with ID. As for Cloud Monitoring, there are currently two opinions in the industry. One is the abbreviation of cloud computing-based video monitoring system, and the other is the performance monitoring and detection of PTZ.

Real-time synchronous display of operational data such as cargo area vehicles, team efficiency, and execution efficiency on site. Display the historical trend of various business data such as vehicle attendance, daily average board count, task timeliness and vehicle health, etc.

Business data monitoring

The global map visually displays the road flow and the vehicle data fed back by the sensors, so that everything is under control

Real-time map update