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Notice | notice of relocation of Mooe-robot
Notice of relocation of Mooe-robot
Celebrate|Mooe 4th Anniversary
On the occasion of the company ’s 4th anniversary
Fight against "coronavirus" | Hubei Hongan County People's Hospital Feedback
Hongan County received M8NCP certificate from Shanghai Mooe-Robot
Training | Service upgrades, Training
The technical engineer of the Mooe project team promotes the use of product training and comprehensively assists the enterprise to resume work. Training | Service upgrades, Training
Official announcement | 2019 pujiang BBS opening wood ant won the excellent enterprise award
Wood ants have launched a new W3 "logistics ant" robot, which can "fight" in groups.
According to Yunnan Hunting. com in March, the wooden ant robot has received a starting capital investment of tens of millions of yuan, which will be mainly used for mass production of new products, thus rapidly expanding the share of the wooden ant robot in the 3C electronics industry. Next, wood ant robots will increase the overall competitiveness of the company in terms of product technology, brand building and talent accumulation.
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