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Wood ants have launched a new W3 "logistics ant" robot, which can "fight" in groups.


Wood ants have launched a new W3 "logistics ant" robot, which can "fight" in groups.

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In the first half, AI competes with technology and entrance opportunities; in the second half, AI competes more with market development, batch production capacity, brand, etc. Today, at the 6th China (Shanghai) International Technology Import and Export Fair (Shanghai Trade Fair), robots are still the "protagonists" of the world's top science and technology feast.
Unlike the T3 single-machine version autonomous handling robot, which was the main product of wood ant at Shanghai Interchange last year, this year wood ant launched a new W series of robots. The biggest difference is that the former single-machine handling is extended to multi-machine ant swarm handling, and has been applied in the production workshops of novice birds, BYD, Yingda and other enterprises.
It is reported that the W3 "Logistics Ant" robot displayed at the Shanghai Exhibition booth is mainly guided by laser SLAM, two-dimensional visual codes and inertial navigation system. Its maximum speed can reach 1.5m per second, and its load can reach 500kg. It uses laser radar to avoid obstacles, and its control and stop accuracy can reach +/-10mm. Its duration can reach 8 hours. It can be used in the transportation from factory warehouse to production line with an average of each robot. It can replace two manual workers and has stable performance. It can reduce the error rate and worker mobility rate.
One million three hundred and twenty-two thousand one hundred and thirty-one
Wood ant robot W3, which can bear 500 kg weight
Qian Yongqiang, CEO of Shanghai Wood Ant Robot Technology Co., Ltd., told ilieyun that the ant colony dispatching system will dock with user MES/WMS. After assigning tasks, all resource dispatching and business process promotion will be dominated by the system. Employees only need to complete various calls and take actions under the guidance of the system (laser, light buttons, human-machine interface, etc.).
At present, the same type of robot products can only be moved on the plane, while the wood ant robot has been able to realize three-dimensional warehouse, cross-floor transport, and has been applied in Yingda production workshop. The main way of realization is to build communication between the intelligent logistics system of wood ant and elevator system of workshop, which is equivalent to the function of human "hand" to realize the robot's free ascent and descent of stairs. At the same time, the robot body has the ability of autonomous action, and the whole system dominates the human-like "brain" to control the operation of the robot.
Qian Yongqiang pointed out that at present, wooden ant robots are implementing standardized system services. Later, robots and dispatching systems can be directly applied to different factory scenarios, without the need for engineers to debug one by one, mainly to prepare for mass production.
Since Tianmao, Jingdong, Suning and other e-commerce giants in the warehousing quoted handling robots to carry goods, domestic handling robots have attracted vigorous development. More and more express logistics companies begin to follow the tide, and the era of warehousing intelligent management has come. According to the report of China Robot Industry Development Report (2017) issued by China Electronics Society, the scale of China Robot Market is expected to reach 6.28 billion US dollars in 2017, and the average growth rate is 28% in 2012-2017, of which 4.22 billion US dollars are industrial robots. In the "Made in China 2025", the Chinese government has clearly regarded robots as a key development area, and the development of China's robotics industry is facing significant historical opportunities.
Qian Yongqiang pointed out that when the robot market booms and production increases, price costs such as supply chains will also drop dramatically. Recently, wood ant robots have set up South China Operating Center in Guangzhou, rapidly seizing the Pearl River Delta market and forming a complete industrial chain.
"Later competition in the robotics industry depends on who can go faster, wash out the sand in big waves and seize more market share quickly so as to continuously strengthen the strength of enterprises and not be eliminated by the market." Qian Yongqiang said.
According to Yunnan Hunting. com in March, the wooden ant robot has received a starting capital investment of tens of millions of yuan, which will be mainly used for mass production of new products, thus rapidly expanding the share of the wooden ant robot in the 3C electronics industry. Next, wood ant robots will increase the overall competitiveness of the company in terms of product technology, brand building and talent accumulation.