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Official announcement | 2019 pujiang BBS opening wood ant won the excellent enterprise award


Official announcement | 2019 pujiang BBS opening wood ant won the excellent enterprise award

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Pujiang innovation BBS 2019, themed "new vision and new future of science and technology innovation", opened in Shanghai this morning (May 25). Li qiang, member of the political bureau of the CPC central committee and secretary of the Shanghai municipal party committee, attended the opening ceremony and plenary session and delivered a speech. Chen zhu, vice chairman of the standing committee of the National People's Congress delivered a speech. Wang zhigang, minister of science and technology, delivered the keynote speech and jointly launched Shanghai national new generation artificial intelligence innovation development pilot zone with ying yong, deputy secretary of Shanghai municipal party committee and mayor.

The following are excerpts from the speeches and speeches of the distinguished guests

Li qiang, member of the political bureau of the CPC central committee and party secretary of Shanghai

Global scientific and technological innovation has entered a period of unprecedented intensity and activity. Cross-border integration, synergy and inclusiveness have become increasingly prominent features. It has become an irresistible trend to promote and lead innovation through openness. Shanghai is China's largest economic center. Openness, innovation and inclusiveness are the most distinctive characteristics of this city. In May 2014, general secretary xi jinping gave an important instruction to Shanghai to speed up its march into a scientific and technological innovation center with global influence. Over the past five years, Shanghai has firmly grasped the general direction of scientific and technological progress, the general trend of industrial revolution, and the major measures to attract talents. With systematic planning, overall layout and accelerated progress, a diversified, collaborative and inclusive innovation ecology has been formed. Looking to the future, Shanghai should unswervingly follow the path of independent innovation with Chinese characteristics, strengthen international cooperation in scientific and technological innovation at all levels and in a wide range of fields, and strive to become an important source of new academic ideas, scientific discoveries, technological inventions and new industrial directions.
Shanghai will explore the frontiers of science and technology together with scientific and technological elites from other countries on a more open platform. We will make the best use of global innovation resources, maximize access to major scientific facilities in Shanghai, actively initiate and participate in major international scientific programs, deeply integrate into the global network of scientific and technological innovation, and strive to achieve major breakthroughs in leading original achievements. With a more open market, Shanghai welcomes enterprises from all over the world to share development opportunities and make breakthroughs in key industries. We will focus on key areas such as integrated circuits, artificial intelligence and biomedicine, and seize the great opportunity of setting up a science and innovation board and pilot registration system on the Shanghai stock exchange to accelerate the cultivation of vibrant innovative enterprise clusters and strategic leading modern industrial clusters. Shanghai will take more open measures to optimize the innovation governance system, so that the scientific spirit and innovation practice will inspire a more moving melody. We will actively protect intellectual property rights, maintain market fairness, create a world-class business environment, foster a pioneering culture of innovation, and enable all kinds of innovation and creativity to flourish.
Wang zhigang, minister of science and technology
The new round of scientific and technological revolution and industrial transformation in the world is accelerating, which calls for more exchanges and cooperation between scientific communities and researchers. China will always adhere to the concept of openness and cooperation, exchange and learn from other countries on scientific and technological development, and jointly contribute to solving global problems, increasing the accumulation of knowledge in human society, and improving the well-being of mankind. The CPC central committee with comrade xi jinping at its core has taken innovation as the primary driving force for development, implemented the strategy of innovation-driven development, and put forward the strategic goal of three-step scientific and technological innovation. China will work hard to enhance the systematic capacity of scientific and technological innovation and improve the overall efficiency of the national innovation system. We will attach great importance to disruptive technological breakthroughs and strengthen basic research from "0" to "1". We will use science and technology to promote targeted poverty alleviation, sustainable development and ecological progress, and provide more scientific and technological support for people-centered development. We will foster more regional innovation growth poles and accelerate the development of science and technology innovation centers in Beijing and Shanghai. Create favorable conditions for foreign talents to work in China, create a good academic environment, stimulate the key role of "people", and develop "responsible science and technology". We will strengthen openness and cooperation in innovation capacity, and fully implement the One Belt And One Road action plan on scientific and technological innovation.
Wang ruijie, deputy prime minister and minister of finance of Singapore
Openness and cooperation are crucial to promoting scientific and technological innovation. Singapore attaches great importance to scientific and technological innovation and has launched a series of policy measures and actively promoted innovation cooperation with other countries and regions. Singapore and China have enjoyed extensive cooperation in the field of science and technology and achieved remarkable results. As the guest of honor of BBS this year, we are ready to further strengthen mutual learning in scientific and technological innovation, deepen and expand cooperation and exchanges, help build Shanghai science and innovation center, and work together to create a better tomorrow.
In order to better utilize the potential of science and technology, Singapore has adopted a three-step strategy: first, an overall approach to promoting science and technology and innovation; Second, solve the core problems; Third, work towards cooperation and collaboration.
a comprehensive governance framework that supports the integrity of research and development and the protection of intellectual property rights.
Singapore has devised a tripartite framework for government, industry and workers to ensure that singaporeans can always learn new skills.
The goal is not to seek the maximum number of patents or the most complex devices. It's about making people live better lives, healthier and longer lives, better connected to their friends, and more productive.
The flourishing of innovation cannot be achieved without cooperation across the board. With an open mind, we need closer cooperation in academia, industry and government, and in different countries and regions.
Xu jianpei, vice governor of hebei provincial people's government
The coordinated development of the beijing-tianjin-hebei region, the planning and construction of the xiongan new area, and the preparations for the Beijing 2022 winter Olympic Games are national strategies and events of great overall and long-term significance.
General secretary xi stressed that hebei is the main battleground for cutting overcapacity, and it is imperative to resolutely, proactively make adjustments and accelerate the process of transformation. In the process of reform, innovation, opening up and cooperation, the transformation of old drivers will be accelerated, which points out the direction for hebei to implement the new development concept and accelerate economic transformation and upgrading.
around the incubation of scientific and technological achievements transformation center the function orientation, in southern hebei, Beijing national demonstration area construction as the key point, such as transfer of scientific and technological achievements transformation in major projects to demonstrate the application of scientific and technological achievements, science and technology system of financial services and so on to promote bearing supporting and supporting ability, strive to build a transformation of research and development of the Beijing and tianjin, hebei, hebei manufacturing such a collaborative innovation model.
We will actively develop state-level platforms for scientific and technological innovation, such as state key laboratory projects and engineering research centers, in accordance with the overall plan of the national innovation base. We will strive to build a world-class xiongan university with new mechanisms and models, coordinate the resources of an integrated innovation center for industry, education, research and use, and build a cluster of high-level, open and international higher education to comprehensively improve the innovation support capacity. We will build an innovation service system with high efficiency and high standards, take the lead in carrying out pilot reforms, and create new models of international cooperation in science and technology, so as to build a global innovation platform.
We will vigorously implement the key research and development plan for key and core technologies, focus on development needs, build on our own strengths, and focus on innovation and breakthroughs. We will accelerate the transformation of a number of international advanced technologies, focus on tackling domestic gaps, focus on developing a number of key generic technologies, and advance the deployment of a number of cutting-edge major technologies. We will continue to implement the plan to double the number of high-tech enterprises and innovation-oriented small and medium-sized enterprises. We will continue to implement the plan to double the number of innovative institutions, so as to increase the number, vitality and strength of innovative entities.
Chen zhu, member of the Chinese academy of sciences
Brain science and brain-like research are models of interdisciplinary research. The United States and the European Union, as well as South Korea, Japan and Singapore in Asia, have launched brain projects. China's brain program includes cognitive understanding of brain function, brain protection, prevention and treatment of neuropsychiatric disorders, and algorithmic breakthroughs in brain-like technologies.
artificial intelligence, cloud computing and big data are featured by the integration of basic technologies and social changes. PPP models of cooperation between governments and enterprises are often used. At present, enterprises tend to lead the advance in these fields, such as 5G, with high speed, ubiquitous network, low power consumption, low latency, Internet of everything and stronger network security, presenting a picture of the future that we cannot imagine today. In the aspect of quantum communication, the combination of PPP is obvious. Foreign enterprises like IBM are leading the trend in the field of quantum computing. In China, the cooperation between the Chinese academy of sciences and various enterprises has given us a good start in this field.
In the process of scientific and technological development, we must attach great importance to basic research, which is the general organ for all technical issues. At present, China's increase in basic investment is obvious, but it only accounts for 5.7% of the total investment in science and technology. Generally, the ratio of developed countries is 15-25%. Now needs diversified investment, needs the government investment, needs the enterprise investment.
We need to improve the classified evaluation system, the citation rate of scholars, the recognition of international peers, and the sense of gaining benefits for the public. All these must be emphasized from basic research to applied research, and papers cannot be used as the main evaluation system any more. However, as an institution and a large group, papers, especially high-level papers, still need to be used as a measurement index.
It is imperative to unleash productivity through sustained institutional innovation. Respect for knowledge and talent, especially for young people, is the foundation; Carrying forward the scientific spirit and fighting spirit of two bombs, one star and artemisinin is the core. Casting firm science and technology integrity, ethics and laws and regulations is the guarantee; It is the key to establish the whole country system under the condition of market economy in the new era.
Philip Campbell, editor-in-chief of springer nature group
I can now see why many young people want to learn science because they want to make the world a better place. I see this trend in many countries. Scientific exploration and creative engineering can bring us more theories and create new materials with infinite possibilities.
computing power, big data development, propagation speed, voice devices, biological sciences, 3D printing, robotics, these technology engines will help researchers make progress faster than ever before.
I have two hopes for the future of science. First, I want the science to develop, but at the same time I want to talk about ethics and regulation and encouragement at the highest levels. Second, the hope is that the social impact of academic research should be seen by more people online.
It is important that industry and government policy makers stress the importance of laboratories and researchers in research so that there will be more incentives for researchers to do basic research.
The point I want to make is first of all that science has given us so many gifts, insights and discoveries. Second, science and its influence must be guided, including its cognition in society.
Luo zhenyu, President and CEO of Singapore capitalgroup
Capitaland hopes to become a world-renowned developer that can meet the needs of communities and people through high-quality products and services, meet the needs of constant change through innovation, and meet the needs of consumers through technology, digitization, investment and convenience.
our real estate business has evolved, not only to make products, but also to become a comprehensive business solution provider, and possibly in the future to become a mobile business and realize real-time connectivity.
In terms of design layout and technology, to create an intelligent ecosystem, capitaland has created a Chinese digital ecosystem in its business in China, adopted a new business model, and achieved synergy in the transformation process.
in order to meet the changing needs of workspace, we have launched the future office initiative to provide flexible space solutions. This strategy aims to create a culture of innovation, promote talent attraction and retention, and optimize cost-effectiveness for office tenants. We also take full advantage of the traditional and flexible office space integration trend, offering a range of office as well as conference and work Spaces, equipped with custom furniture and the latest office suites, offering a variety of capacities.
for future business models, we promote retail as a service, not only as a service for renting space, but also as a service for providing all kinds of digital capabilities to achieve future growth and generate commercial value.
Qian yongqiang, CEO of wood ants, introduced the core system of wood ants to the guests
Mooe Core
High precision navigation system
Mooe-core high-precision navigation system is a professional-level client software for mobile robot application, aiming to provide users with fast, simple and professional mobile robot solutions.
Mooe Rcs
High efficiency dispatching system
Mooe-rcs multi-machine scheduling system is the brain of multi-robot cooperation, which is responsible for robot scheduling, task assignment and traffic control, allowing robots to share resources without affecting each other when cooperating. Supports simultaneous connection of 30 robots.