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Celebrate|Mooe 4th Anniversary

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Mooe 4th Anniversary | Witness to grow together and achieve each other
At the end of March, on the 4th anniversary of the establishment of the company, CEO Qian Yongqiang delivered a speech at the company meeting.
CEO always felt deeply about the Mooe that had gone through four years, and was full of confidence and expectation for the future Mooe. CEO said that 2020 will be a brand new year and will be a year of self-reliance. Mooe will have to achieve greater growth and more important milestones.
What kind of company should the Mooe make?
Our corporate vision has never changed:Human, no more carriers.
Our work philosophy: simple, kind and ultimate. 
Our business purpose: to pursue the material and spiritual happiness of all employees and to contribute to the progress of human society.
Mooe always puts the growth of employees at the top of the company, and commends and rewards employees with better performance in this meeting.
Grow together and achieve each other! It is the promise of Mooe to all employees.