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At the beginning of the Gengzi year, the whole country accepted a sudden outbreak. Although the small and medium-sized manufacturing enterprises that have been greatly affected by the epidemic have gradually resumed work, how can they quickly ensure production capacity and improve efficiency quickly in the face of internal factors such as staff shortages and job transfers?
To this end, the technical engineer of the Mooe project team actively contacted the relevant cooperative enterprises to conduct training on the use of Mooe products, to ensure that the products can be used smoothly during this period, and to fully assist the enterprise to resume work.
The product of this training is the Mooe-M8DP mobile robot chassis. As a high-end autonomous mobile robot chassis platform, it is equipped with a high-precision navigation system and a multi-machine scheduling system.
The training is mainly divided into two parts, the first part is to explain the use of the Mooe carrying system, and the second part is the on-site simulation training.
1. Training on board
1. High-precision and high-air system
The host computer software is a professional client software that is independently developed by the  Mooe-robot, integrating robot operating environment deployment, robot information monitoring, and robot control. It is equipped with a  Mooe high-precision navigation system.
2. The server
The Mooe scheduling server is a software specially designed for man-machine interaction interface. Its functions are not limited to task editing, task distribution, real-time status information display of robots, multi-machine scheduling, traffic control, etc.
2. On-site simulation training
Simple operation, practical function, on-site teaching by Mooe technical engineer.
In the nearly 5 hours of training and practical testing, the careful and patient training of the Mooe engineer left a deep impression on the partners, and the partners also deeply recognized the practicality of the Mooe-M8DP mobile chassis